Wine & Olive Oil Tasting

To know the culture of a land is best through its wines, Our sommelier Paolo will take you in our ancient wine cellar to discover and talk about Italian Wines felling and touching them and choose with you the wines that are closer to your taste.

Then taste the wines & a wonderful cheese selection in our wonderful settings:

In front of a huge fireplace lounging in cozy sofas in the antique stables of the Masseria or on our magnificent sunset white terrace overlooking the sea, Paolo will guide through the tasting and will chat with you about the 1000 stories & special people of Puglia’s wine or savour a special evening with a tasting menu by our chef Pietro together with You and a wine pairing close to your desires

Visit to the best wineries of Puglia with expert sommellier and meet the owners and the wine makers to discovery the beautiful wines of puglia