The Original Tower used to be a watchtower overlooking the sea for  the saracens invasions, it belongs to aline of defense starting at the gargano peninsula going all the way down to santa Maria di Leuca the “finibus terrae”.

The pilgrims and the monks used to take refuge inside the fortified walls of the Masseria, the old Church dating back to 1730 still is a set for a procession coming from the old village  of fishing village of Savelletri to the Masseria.
In the chapel there are still all the paraments depicting the 12 apostols dating back to 1700 and several ex voto of massonic origin
You also find at the entrance of Arch a very old Mulberry Tree that was signifying welcome to the pilgrims and good fortune
The monks also created our “ortus conclusus” an orchard full of vegetables and fruits used for when the workers used to stay for long time inside the property under siege.
You can find also the erbarium with all the plants used for the tisanes and the treatments now used in the SPA.

There is still the old pigeon tower from were they used to send the messages between the masserias.